No Group: Update/Delete node?

I was hoping to be able to implement RBAC modification controls that can be created from an experience page (via workflows). I was intending to use experience groups for this, however I can’t find any nodes that would allow for the update or deletion of an experience group. Is there another method to be able to achieve this using workflows? Ideally, this shouldn’t be solely managed in losant console.

You’re correct in that we don’t have any first-class nodes for updating or deleting experience groups. However, you do have the Losant API Node, which would allow you to perform both of those operations.

To update a group, select the Experience Group: Patch action. You will need to provide the group ID and also build your update object using a JSON template or a payload path, with the value validating against the request’s schema.

To delete a group, select the Experience Group: Delete action. For that operation, you only need provide a group ID.

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Perfect, exactly what I was after.

Thankyou :slight_smile:

@Dylan_Schuster I think @steen_cummings1 does make a good point of having/wanting a Group:Update node since there’s an User:Update one. If not, then at least to be able to ‘template’ the User:Create:Groups (which currently, it seems, can only be chosen from a list), see example below:

Definitely a Feature Request! :red_circle:

Thanks for the feedback. We already have the feature request in for the Group: Update Node.

As for the User: Create and User: Update Nodes, it is already possible to add templates to those fields. I got this in by clicking the input, typing “{{}}”, and then hitting Enter. See attached.

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Thank you @Dylan_Schuster , that did the trick! (by adding the group ID already available in the payload) Maybe, as a suggestion, just need to add the typical ‘is templatable’ as highlighted in yellow below to avoid confusion and/or help in the process.
Just a sug. Thanks again for the help! :red_circle: