NB-IOT gateway?



Have you guys given any thought how you might provide am NBIOT gateway (UDP).

We have started using PYCOM (GPY) with LTE-CAT-M1 (just installed 7 mechanical engines for monitoring via Losant) , but would like to explore the use of NB-IOT as these devices support it as well.

At the moment it would necessitate us running a gateway somewhere to act as a device gateway.





We have developed a gateway for UDP to generate Losant Webhooks.

Let me know if you would like to discuss.



We’ve been brainstorming some techniques for cloud-based raw UDP and TCP endpoints. There’s some tech hurdles we still have to solve (e.g. each application would require a dedicated port, multiplied by thousands of applications), but it’s not impossible.

The next release of our Edge Agent does introduce a UDP trigger, which will at least make the gateway side of things much easier. That release should be out in the next couple of weeks.

We can certainly bring up a hosted UDP gateway for your project. We’ve done similar custom cloud gateways in the past for other customers and protocols. It would be a one-off services engagement with our solutions team to build it up and deploy it. If you want to explore that option, shoot an email and we can dig in more.