UDP/TCP input nodes


Requesting UDP and TCP input nodes for the workflows, similar to node-red.

This would allow more direct support of non-mqtt based hardware telematics devices.


Edge Workflows do provide a UDP Trigger. TCP is not yet available for the edge, but it’s something we’ll likely be offering in the future. Offering these in Application (cloud) Workflows is an interesting challenge that we’ve been investigating for quite a while.

Node-RED and our Edge Agent run on your own gateway, so exposing TCP and UDP ports is straightforward. Because UDP and TCP require a dedicated IP and port for each and every application and user, providing that in a scaleable and highly available way in the cloud is the challenge.


Hi Brendon

Speaking of edge node triggers :wink: Any signs of the redis subscribe capability on edge ?



Well, Another way around that might be too have the Losant Edge Agent on to our own instance of EC2 or other cloud server. I know this is possible with node-red, but I am not sure for the Losant edge. Do you think that is possible @Brandon_Cannaday?


It is absolutely possible and something we’ve done internally. The Edge Agent doesn’t really care if it’s running on a Linux gateway or a Linux VM in the cloud.