Losant Edge Agent TCP Connection to External application

How do I establish TCP data transfer from the Losant Edge Agent workflow? I can see the UDP nodes but not TCP in the workflow.

Losant does not have first-class support for sending/receiving raw TCP packets in the GEA. That said, you are the second user to bring this up in a few weeks so I will add a +1 to the feature request.

We haven’t tested this but we think you could use socat running on the host machine to receive the TCP packets and then forward them over to the GEA’s UDP server - where you could use the UDP Trigger to take action in an edge workflow. We have successfully used it to forward websocket packets over to UDP in a PoC.

If time allows I will test this approach in the next week and let you know if I can prove it out.

Thank you for the update. Hope In the near future, we expect to have TCP in the workflow. Do you have any example workflows for using the UDP port ?

A UDP workflow would be pretty simple - just a UDP Trigger connecting to whatever you want to do with the message. You can also publish on the port using the UDP Send Node.

The key part is exposing the port when starting up the agent.

I have not made big changes From the Edge agent workflow, simply mention the UDP IP address of the external application and the port available for the same, and it works. Edge agent running from docker of Edge IPC can transfer data to External application running in different machine but on the same network as edge IPC