MQTT # wildcard in AWS integration topics?

Does AWS IoT Integration allow Losant allow wildcards in the MQTT topics, for example I would like to receive messages on topics such as telemetry/#, where the # wildcard would represent device ID for example. Some web research give the following definition for MQTT wildcards…

According to the MQTT spec V3.1.1… Multi-level wildcard
The number sign (‘#’ U+0023) is a wildcard character that matches any number of levels within a topic. The multi-level wildcard represents the parent and any number of child levels. The multi-level wildcard character MUST be specified either on its own or following a topic level separator. In either case it MUST be the last character specified in the Topic Filter [MQTT-4.7.1-2].

Hi @Edward_Cline,

Yes, the MQTT integration does support wildcard topics. However, the MQTT Trigger Node does not currently support wildcards. This is currently a feature request that has been selected for development, and I will let you know when this functionality is released.

Thanks so much!

Ok, Thank You Julia!