Sending arbitrary topics with MQTT

I’m new to Losant and having issues sending a non-Losant topic using MQTT. I am able to send device State updates and have that working well, however, when I send a generic topic of “alerts/test” looking like “alerts/test{“alert”:{“pressure1”:1}}” I get the MQTT workflow trigger on “alerts/test” but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get a TRUE on a condition when I evaluate pressure1. “{{alert.pressure1}} === 1” evaluates to FALSE and every combination of handlebars that I’ve come up with has also come up FALSE.

What am I doing wrong?



I put it together myself. I had the pieces in my mind but hadn’t assembled them. :slight_smile:

So for the benefit of other newbies: JSON structures in non-Losant payloads are treated as strings and must have the workflow’s JSON Decode Logic node run upon them in one way or another.


Yup, thats exactly right, glad you figured it out! We don’t want to assume any particular format for custom MQTT topics (some of our users actually send binary data), which is why we don’t try and automatically parse them or anything like that.