Mqtt trigger node

If I use the MQTT trigger node, should I be able to see data coming in on the node a device is posting to, such as losant/MYDEVICEID/state ?

I think I found the answer to that. I see the documentation says “it cannot be an MQTT system topic, or a Losant-specific topic.”, so I assume that I can not use the “state” topic. Please confirm this.

The reason for me asking is that a device I have posting is supposed to post all tags within one payload, but I see several at every post, in the debug console.
Is there some other reason for that?

Hi Lars,

That is correct, the state topic is not included.

I’m a bit confused by your question, are you receiving only some of your tags when you are expecting all, or are you seeing all of the tags when you expect to see none? Any relevant screenshots would also be valuable.


I’m receiving some of them each time, but in all I get all of them, they are just split up in 4 different payloads. We might have found the problem. I was just looking for a different way to look at the payload other that in the debug console.

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