MQTT Trigger node Data topic based split

Categorize or split the data coming from the Mosquitto trigger node with respect to topics. I tried using conditional and switch nodes; if one topic comes up, the other does not respond, or if we mention only one topic, it works well.

Can you please post a screenshot of an example workflow? I see no reason why using a conditional or switch based on topic would not work.

MQTT Data with “opcuatomqtt” Topic

  "data": {
    "brokerUrl": "mqtt://",
    "message": "{\"timestamp\":\"1698262649.6158\",\"ShiftTotalQuantity\":64512,\"ShiftTotalArea\":144832.53955459595,\"ShiftTotalScrap\":1136,\"ShiftProdAvgSpeed\":155,\"ShiftDowntime\":4,\"DayTotalQuantity\":142295,\"DayTotalArea\":339177.6555709839,\"DayTotalScrap\":1470,\"DayProdAvgSpeed\":158,\".DayDowntime\":11,\"downtime.eventtime\":\"2023-10-25 14:29:36\"}",
    "topic": "sqltomqtt"

MQTT Data with “SQLTOMQTTT” Topic

  "data": {
    "brokerUrl": "mqtt://",
    "message": "{\"timestamp\":\"1698262778.0695465\",\"iDCbusVoltage\":660}",
    "topic": "opcuatomqtt"

Are you sure the issue isn’t just that two of your Debug Nodes are muted?

Yes, I am sure. I have checked this. when multiple topic messages come from MQTT trigger node, the conditional/Switch node not properly filter topics

MQTT Trigger configuration got “subscriptions = [‘#’]” in its setting, does it make any difference?

Since Dylan is a member of your organization, we did do some experiments earlier. During our testing, we witnessed several debug messages not being received by the browser. The workflows are likely running correctly, but something is unexpectedly limiting/preventing debug messages. If we mute the active debug nodes to reduce the number of messages, we consistently receive our test debug output. During our testing, your MQTT trigger was generating approximately 5 debug messages per second.

We did see the conditional node periodically take both directions based on topic. Our current opinion is that the conditional node is working as expected, but you are not seeing every debug message, which leads to the confusion.

It will require more investigation to learn why every debug message is not being received.