More flexibility in sizing section block


It would be great to have a bit more control over the size of the section block. The minimum height is quite large in some situations, especially how it renders on a phone. Sometimes I only want to place a very small amount of text or information, but the section block winds up taking almost as much space as a gauge and can look awkward.

It would also be nice to support markdown in the title of the header as well!



Supporting Markdown in the section header should be doable. As for the height flexibility, we have some improvements related to dashboards - especially in mobile views - already in the pipeline, and that issue should be addressed there.


I would probably suggest supporting markdown within all the block header text areas if that is possible, in addition to the section headers.


Markdown is actually already supported in block titles, so you can easily add things like links!


is it possible to add little images/icons in the headers?


Yup! The headers don’t resize, they are a fixed height, so dropping larger images won’t look good. But icons or small images work great.


That is awesome! thanks.


if I store icons on Losant Files, can I reference them like this ![image]( ?


Yup, that should work without a problem.