[Solved] Request for templating capability in the Dashboard Block header



It would be really good to be able to include some templating in the Block Header Text.

For instance we constantly change the period Time Series graphs and have to remember to chnage the header block to reflect the period.

Being able to include a template {{duration}} {{period}} would be really helpful in ensuring people understand what they are looking at.

Other templates such as the device in a gauge woud be good. I am alwyas putting the device name in the header block of gauges.

Here is an example of what we are always entering in the header



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That’s a really good feature request. I just realized I’m also always updating the header every time I change the duration.



@Tim_Hoffman we just released a feature allowing users to change duration and resolution on the fly. As a byproduct of that, the currently displayed duration and resolution now displays in the time series block header (except for streaming blocks). I believe this resolves your issue!



I should also point out that it is now possible to add {{ config.duration }} or {{ config.resolution }} in the time series block headers (along with formatting helpers) to depict the default values for the block. Note, however, that if you change the duration and resolution in the on-the-fly dropdown, the values in your header text will still reflect the block’s default settings.