Dashboard block customization

Is there a way to change the time series dashboard blocks to read time in 12hr format? Is this something we can customize?

Also is there a way force hide a blocks header? The blocks will auto hide their headers/info bars if we shrink them to the point where they are too small to display the header, but on large blocks I cant find a way to hide them for a cleaner look.

It is not currently possibly to change the x-axis date format, but it’s a good suggestion.

The best way to hide a block’s header is to remove the “Block Header Text”. If the block has no header text, it will not display any header.

Great thanks brandon - also a suggestion: would be nice to have some more simple built in theming controls over appearance. just something slightly more advanced that light and dark modes. Having a bit more control somewhere between existing light/dark and full under the hood css customizing, would be nice.