Message protocols other than MQTT



Is AMQP or STOMP something you have on the roadmap?


@Lars_Andersson, a lot of our new features come from clients. Could you give some background as to how you would like to use these, that would be very helpful. Learning more about your use case helps us better understand how to integrate these protocols :slight_smile:


Just exploring a bit. Not so sure about the need for STOMP, but AMQP sounds interesting especially when exchanging data with other platforms. But that’s my understanding of it.
Maybe you already have it implemented.


Any reason you see to use it as an alternative to MQTT?


Not from device to broker (to much overhead), but between brokers or edge compute devices maybe?
Seems like it’s always described as more secure and reliable, but everything is relative.
Again, I’m just reading up on it myself, so I don’t have a real use case.