Broker mqtt messages between different users?


Is there a way to for two different accounts to use the MQTT broker to message each other? Right now it seems that messages are isolated to a user regardless of the mqtt topic published and subscribed to.


All communication is currently limited to devices within a single application. We’ll have to think about ways to add cross-application communication. What’s your use-case?

A workaround for now would be to use webhooks. You can create a webhook in the two different applications and then invoke them directly from a device or using the HTTP workflow node.


Just joining. Losant is pretty impressive - (i have been evaluating many platforms over the last 6 months).

I too would like to be able to subscribe to MQTT messages delivered to losants broker.

My goal is

peripherals(s) -> gateway -> losant -> additional services via mqtt (essentially pass through)
I am sure I can emulate this with a workflow, but it would seem more efficient to just pass through and not invoke workflow for data that I wish to perform analytics on, in it’s raw form over time. (e.g feed into an influxdb instance).
Quite willing to pay for this :wink:




That’s a reasonable use-case. We’re doing some brainstorming now on possibly providing user-level access keys for broker access. This way you can connect to the broker as a user (instead of a device) and have a bit more flexibility over communication.


HI Brandon

That would be perfect. I am have used a workflow to emulate it already, but it would seem expensive systems wise to do it that way.

I have put a request in for someone to contact us re: business account. Really looking forward to that conversation too.




Hi Brandon

How is your brainstorming going on this ?