Link to another dashboard within an indicator node

Just wondering if you can link to another dashboard from within an indicator node?
I want to have a main page with all my buildings as indicators, each building will have multiple devices located in it.
When a device in a building is in an alarm state, I would like an operator to be able to click on that building indicator node (which will be indicating the alarm from one of the devices) from the main page and have it launch the building specific dashboard.



The labels in the Indicator Block support Markdown, which means you can make links!

You can learn more in the docs:

Hi Fox
Along this same line, in the image overlay node there is an indicator option, but this doesn’t seem to have the same ability to have a link?
Can you link to another dashboard from an image overlay block?



It looks like the Labels in that block don’t support Markdown. I’m making a ticket for you on that now!

Hi @anaptfox
Did you get any traction on that ticket to get the markdown support added in?



Well, we try not to give exact timeline. But, yes. I talked with the engineering team and the feature ticket lives within our system. However, during release time, we normally reach back out to tell you that your feature has been released.