How to Tell if MQTT Integration is Set-up Right


I am currently struggling to set-up a working MQTT integration for AirFinder using Link Labs’ MQTT broker. I have copied the protocol, Host, Port, Client ID, Username, Password and Topic directly from Link Labs. Despite this, I have never seen the connection state be green (It typically is always red and says disconnected since around the time I last updated the integration). The workflow I have set to trigger off of the workflow has also never run. Does this mean that the integration is somehow not set-up correctly and has never properly connected?

I was playing around with settings and noticed that if I changed it MQTTS with disabled SSL verification than the connection status changes to green. Does this mean anything? With this configuration I was still never able to trigger any workflows.

It appears, currently, that your integration is connected. Is the associated workflow with the MQTT Trigger is now functioning as expected? You should be able to view the integration messages in your application’s live log, which you can keep open in a separate tab while you troubleshoot.

Changing the connection to MQTTS may have solved the problem since MQTTS is typically over port 8883.

It does seem to be working now with the MQTTS (with the associated workflow now being triggered). I guess when I had previously observed the MQTTS to never trigger it was when I was still experimenting with different topics (and I may have had that incorrect).

Thanks for the tip on using the application live log. MQTTS working because of the different port number makes sense. Perhaps Link Labs had their protocol labelled incorrectly. I appreciate you providing your perspective on this. Thanks.