Integration Disconnect (MQTT)

Hi All,

I had a system outage this morning around 1am. Email alarms triggered from the workflow work well.

Later around 11am I investigated and found the issue. An MQTT integration to CloudMQTT had disconnected. At the top of my integration page the connection status was in red, with a small link to ‘attempt to reconnect’. I pressed this, it re-connected within seconds, and the system was back up and running.


Is there any way this can be automated?

Many thanks,

Hi Chris,

I will discuss further some ideas with our engineering team and log this as a Feature Request, and I will update you if it is selected for development. In the meantime, I have seen a couple workaround workflows that use the Device: Disconnect Trigger and other data nodes to reboot or restart the device, though this will depend on your device and the services you have utilized. I will keep you updated on this request.