Mqtt disconnects

my device 5bf2d0b6e7b43a0007eb2807 disconnects for some reason, and if I look at the device log block in the dashboard, I see “02/19/2019 14:46:21 6392 0 Connection Closed”.
Looks like any closed connection log has a “sent” value of around 6000.
Not sure what that means?

Hi Lars,

The “Connection Closed” message is printed when the TCP socket between the device and our broker is closed. This is most commonly seen because the device ended the underlying socket without sending an appropriate MQTT disconnect packet. A proper disconnect packet would result in a different log message.

Because our broker is multi-tenant, we aren’t able to access any more detailed logs regarding that specific connection.

As a test, I might recommend connecting to another broker and see if you experience the same issue. If you do, then the problem lies with the device. If you don’t see the same behavior, then we will investigate our end further. offers a free option that would be enough to perform the test.