How to get BAR MAX value in image overlay block to come from payload?

Customer will want to build different quantities on different runs. Want to show a bar indicator overlayed onto an image and the bar maximum value needs to come from the payload.

Hi @Bryan_Chase,

This is a great call. Our engineers currently have this as a feature request - I can now reference your request to provide additional support for making the update.

I’ll follow-up when this feature is available.


For the gauges too please.


I’ve made this request to our engineering team to update the gauge block to allow for templateing.

I’ll follow up when we have an update. I’ll respond to your other feature requests on their respective threads.


@Bryan_Chase in both the Image Overlay Block and the Gauge Block, you have access to the dashboard’s context object already when defining the min and max for the visualizations. In the case of the Image Overlay Block, you also have access to the values of any queries you define in the block config.

When you say “the maximum value needs to come from the payload”, where specifically are you looking to pull this value from? For example, a tag on a device? A value on a different query? Somewhere else?