Input dashboard block

I have an experience page where I include a dashboard with an input block.
How can I make some of the payload data from the input block show up on the same page I’m including the dashboard on?
(After clicking the submit button.)

Hi @Lars_Andersson,

You would likely need to store the Input Block values as device state to have some of the payload data displayed on the dashboard. Then an Indicator Block (Live Stream, or whichever block you would like) to display these values.


I’m not using another dashboard block to show the values.
I’m using data from the pageData path


If you are not going to display with an Indicator Block, and would like it done in your experience, you will need some custom Javascript to do this, as the data would need to be refreshed.


Could I not use a context variable?

Hi Lars,

Unlike device state, context variables in dashboard blocks do not update unless the page is refreshed, so the same custom Javascript would be needed.


Would that javascript need to be in the experience layout or just the page it self?
Any guidance or example here would be great.


Dashboard Pages are not meant for user input from within an Experience – really they should be focused on displaying device data or interacting with devices.

With that being said, I’d recommend adding a new page to your Experience that’s just a simple HTML form that’s populated from the data from an Experience Workflow .

For now, you should check out the Experience Views Walkthrough it touches on a lot of the concepts you’d need to build this.

This post also touches on accepting form data from Experience Users: