Context Variables to show/hide blocks


Is it possible to use context variables to either show or not show a specific block depending on an arbitrary attribute value?


Not possible in the current feature set, sorry.

The best workaround I can suggest is, if you’re serving these dashboards us as experience pages, you could do the following:

  1. Clone the dashboard in question (you can do that from your dashboards list) and remove the block from the cloned version.
  2. Set up two experience pages, where one serves the dashboard with the block and the other serves the dashboard without.
  3. When responding to your endpoint requests, serve one page or the other via the Endpoint Reply Node based on the presence of a certain query parameter or context value.


Hi Guys

Wondering if there is anything new in the platform that might make it easier to use customer specific parameters to show/hide dashboard blocks?



This is something I would also be interested in, would be very helpful as we our devices have varying featuresets.