How to add an icon or a Dot to the time series charts


I am using a Node-Red program that allows me to connect to my sensors and collect vibration data that I am sending to Losant in order to show on my dashboard as shown in the attached screenshot, in my node-red program I also collect snapshots from my sensors that I am storing in AWS S3 and showing also on my dashboard using HTML Blocks, my question is is there a possibility to show a dot or an icon on my time series graphs on my dashboard everytime I take a snapshot on my gateway program on node-red.

Thanks in advance!


There is no explicit way to do this in Losant.

One thing you could try, though, is adding a new number attribute for your device. When you take a snapshot, you can send the device state through NodeRed for just that attribute, and set the value equal to 1.

In your Time Series Graph, you can add another series for that attribute, and de-select the check box called Connect Line Across Data Gaps. This would leave you with one point (at 1 on the Y axis) for when that snapshot was taken.

Let me know if this works for you!

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