How could we go about aggregating information across applications?

At the moment we are approaching organising our different sites as separate losant applications.
But would like to aggregate some state across these applications in a dashboard.
E.g running state (machine running, not running), some events.

At the moment each widget is application specific.

Is there an approach where we could consolidate certain metrics from different applications in to a single dashboard widget ?



Currently it’s pretty hard to cross application boundaries within our system. This is mostly due to our security and access management. We even have guards in place at very low levels to prevent any cross-communication.

I do understand your request though and there are likely other use cases like yours when it comes to visualizing the data.

A not-so-great workaround would be to use the API and manually build the visualization you want and then embed it using the iframe block. Not a good suggestion, but the only one I can think of until we come up with a better solution.

Yeah understand. I can see security is a good reason.

Having said that a dashboard can see cross applications within an Organisation.
The only limitation is that a specific widgets application is set once.

Maybe you could add multiple applications to a widget and each applciation within the widget can have it’s own set of device id’s tags.

My plan at the moment is to write a general state to appengine , and then use HTML widget to grab the state as you outlined.

At the moment I have to do that too as having a general state indicator is pretty hard, the only thing close to a status overview is the data table, but that shows the last 5 mins logs rather than the current state. For instance running or online.