Dashboard widget - List of dashboards




You have the following widgets

  • Application List
  • Workflow List
  • Device List
  • Event List


It would be really nice to have a Dashboard list
And be able to add tags to dashboards so you could filter by tag and/or application




Working on this feature now. Do you see “tags” being key-value pairs just like they are for devices?

As for filtering by application, dashboards are independent of applications; they are scoped to a user or an organization.


HI Dylan

Yes exactly the same as devices. That would allow me to tag dashboards as specific to an application,. We are at the moment setting up application specific dashboards, as each application represents are site for us.

Whilst we are on that topic it would be nice if one could filter Events (possibly tags or other attributes) so that one could delete or find specific event types.


@Tim_Hoffman the dashboard list feature was just released. Still no tags on dashboards or applications; we’re still looking into those. Thanks for your feature suggestion.


I noticed the announcement. Thanks. Thinner lines on widgets is great too :wink:



Still no Tags on Dashboards. Darn!

Let’s pretend I have ten dashboards named 0, 1, 2,…9
Now let’s pretend I have three Experience Groups A, B, and C

Group A can see Dashboards 0,5,7
Group B can access Dashboards 0,3,7
and Group C can access all the Dashboards

I could set up lots of HTML code in my Layout to take care of the navigation. This doesn’t scale well. (soon there will be many more Dashboards and many more Groups).

OR I could provide a Dashboard List Block on each Dashboard that facilitates navigation. Oh, but wait. Filtering is limited to dashboard names. No way (at least that I can find) to associate Dashboards with Groups (or even Tags). Darn…


I think you make a great point @David_Armitage. I just created a new ticket for this in our feature tracking software. Thanks for providing your use case. I’ll follow up if there is movement on this.