Having Two Webhooks in POC


Until the 14th I have been running a POC on one device with a webhook and now I try to experiment with adding another device with a webhook.

  1. Under devices I cloned the operational device
  2. I associated a new access key to this new device
  3. under webhook I set a new triggered URL for the device
  4. under workflow I associated the new device under the webhook name

On the field gateway I set the same webhook configuration as the first connected device (differentiated by the Losant generated Trigger URL)

It seems I lost my ability to receive the first operational Device Payload and the second Device is not communication as well. How can this be troubleshoot?

Thank you for your help


Hi @tirosh_gutte,

I took a look at your Webhooks and I don’t see any obvious problems, so let’s get to debugging!

Test Webhook
A resource for testing your Webhook is available on the Webhook edit page.

Access Key Restrictions
Access Keys that are restricted to certain devices will still display that number of devices even if the devices have been deleted. For example, I create an Access Key for my “Really Large Device”:

But when I delete “Really Large Device,” the restrictions still say “1 device”:

However, when I open my Access Key settings, it says “all devices may use this access key.” I recommend double checking your Access Keys as this could be playing a part.

If the above did not help and you are able to see Debug logs, would you be able to include a screenshot of the workflow when it is triggered? It could be that your data is coming in at a different location on the payload, and thus your table and device state are not updating as the path is different. However, if the Webhook is never being triggered, you will see no debug logs, which could be caused by the device itself.

I am curious, what kind of device are you using, and how does it communicate with Losant? Sometimes when a Webhook is never triggered the problem can lie with the device, but debugging is a bit more difficult.