Unknown Connection Status using webhooks


I currently have a few Particle Photon-based devices reporting their state using webhooks to my application. This is mostly working fine, although my devices end up with an unknown connection status.

Is there any way for me to update their connection status manually?

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Currently the device connection indicator is tied to the MQTT connection state. We’re seeing lots of users connecting and reporting in ways other than MQTT, like your use-case. We’ve made it a priority to re-think how connection is reported so we can better display the status. The ability to update via the API makes a lot of sense - I’ve created a ticket to expose that functionality.

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This was the first posting I saw when searching for this issue. Is there any update to this? Will keep looking. I am having the same issue. Get connections via webhook, but does not update device log.


Are you connecting to the Losant MQTT broker using websockets? If so, those connections should show up in the connection log.


I’m just using a webhook and going through the flow from there (SigFox backend calls the webhook). Maybe I could make a webhook that feeds the MQTT broker first? Then re-retrieve it from MQTT then process it via workflow. It’s a little convoluted but seems like it would work.


Oh, apologies. I misread the previous topic as “websockets” instead of “webhooks”.

This is still something we haven’t got a clean solution for. Device connection status is still directly tied to MQTT connections. When using Sigfox and other connectivity providers, the connection status won’t update. Since external providers are becoming more popular, this is something that’s high priority for us to address.

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