Haven't received my builder kit?


Is there an update on builder kit shipments? Haven’t received my kit yet.



I just received mine on Friday, so it may be coming soon.

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The Adafruit Feather Huzzah microcontroller is on backorder, but we should be getting a new batch out this week or early next week. I apologize for the delay!

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We’re shipping out kits as fast as we can. As Brandon mentioned the main compute module we use is on backorder. We’ll send an update out to everyone this week.

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Thanks everyone for responding, I’ll look for my kit to arrive in the next few weeks then!



Still no builder kit here and no updates regarding status. I feel like I’ve been used…



Hi Gautam,

Sorry to hear you feel used! Not the case.

Looks like you’ve unsubscribed from our update emails so that’s why you haven’t been receiving updates. The final batch of kits will be shipping out this week, so look for them to arrive the week after.

Our kits were delayed due to the extended backorder on the Adafruit Feather HUZZAHs. Sign up for our email updates and you can stay in the loop on your free kit as well as on our store launching soon.