Error Downloading JSON to configure Arduino IDE (OSX)


One of the first steps in the Kit instructions is to configure the Arduino IDE to recognize the Huzzah board in the kit.

I followed the instructions to download and set up the Arduino IDE, but when I add the JSON link provided and restart IDE, I get an error trying to find the board.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Download Arduino IDE (current version 1.6.8)
  2. Add “” in the Arduino IDE preferences
  3. Restart IDE
  4. Open Boards Manager (Tools > Board > Boards Manager)
  5. Observe error in bottom of the modal, “Error downloading

This prevents the ability to choose the board blocking any further steps.


This appears to be an issue with the latest version of Arduino IDE (1.6.8) released 3/17/16. I downloaded the previous release 1.6.7 and the steps in the Kit guide work as described.

Unfortunately understanding why the issue exists in 1.6.8 is outside my realm of expertise! :slight_smile:

Leaving this issue open for visibility, but I’m not currently encountering an issue in IDE 1.6.7.


Thanks for the update! I’ll update the instructions to recommend 1.6.7 until we figure out what’s happening in 1.6.8.


Can help me.
I use Arduino IDE 1.6.7, but I dont’ dowload

Thanks you!


Unfortunately that file is out of our control - it’s hosted by We have seen it have intermittent downtime now and then. Usually if you wait a little while it will be resolved and the link will work again.