Granular permissions

It would be convenient to be able to provide permissions at the level of data tables, and even workflows.

For example, I have a scenario where I’d like to give access to a user to only set/modify notifications email addresses and event types, which will either be in a data table or hardcoded into a workflow.

Perhaps someone can suggest a workaround for now? I suppose I could create a separate application for setting notifications and communicate those settings to a second application via the API? Or create a user experience page for doing the same and restrict access to that endpoint based on the user or group. Other ideas?

We’ve discussed granular permissions at a resource-type level, but I can’t give you any kind of short-term timeline on when (or even if) it will get implemented.

The workaround I was going to suggest was setting up experience endpoints and an experience user for this person to whom you want to grant these permissions. It would be a lot of work - especially if you want to provide a custom UI and not just a REST endpoint - but you could accomplish what you’re looking for using the workflow engine.

Another possibility is you could set up an API token with granular permissions to only perform certain operations and then provide that token to the person in question. They would have to use the Losant API directly, not the web interface.