Geofence Node polygon

With the Geofence node, for polygon path geofence, can the coordinates for the polygon take a dynamic coordinates passed? instead of defining the points within the map draw tool?.

never mind, I figured it out as to how to do it.

However, in the workflow below, why I always get data.results.branch = false?

Hey @Sreyams_Jain1,

Geofence Nodes are exclusive, meaning if a GPS coordinate lands on the edge line of the polygon, the coordinate will be reported as outside the polygon.

This would be why when sending one of the coordinates that define the polygon, the Geofence node branches to the false side.

I tested your polygon on my own side, and passed in a coordinate that was very close to the bottom right of the polygon, and the Geofence Node branched to true. But when I passed in all the coordinates that you used to define the polygon, they branched false.


Let me know if you have any more questions.

Thank you!