Accessing Payload Data with Custom Html Blocks

I have a Geofence workflow that shows if the waypoint is inside or outside the geofence (All Data is created from the simulator). The output is a boolean to check if the GPS locations are inside the geofence or not.

I want to be able to access this data in one of my custom HTML blocks on my dashboard. Don’t know how to access this data as a query?

Trying to find out how can I access the payload with my custom HTML blocks.

My Workflow Diagram.

Please let me know if I need to show more information.


Could you explain more about your use case here? This could be possible but it would depend on what you’re doing ( and how you want to access ) with the value within the block itself.

The Custom HTML block has access to your device queries and context variables. Context Variables can be generated in a workflow and passed to a Dashboard. For more information on this, I’d recommend checking out the Dashboard and Experience courses in Losant University.


Hey, I have solved this myself. Yeah sorry, I just made a simple attribute of the result. Then I could access it from the dashboard.