Custom GPS Route

I have a Data Table where i store Trips including (Start Time, End Time, and Trip Odometer in kilo meter)

A new row is added to the Table using specific logic deployed in the workflow.
i would to store an array of GPS data associated with each trip, then display it on GIS Map
the final display info will be Start Time, End Time, Trip Odometer, and Trip Route on Map.

GPS Block only accept data source from an attribute or device tag which will not be handy in this case …

Any thoughts?

I don’t have an easy solution for what you are trying to do; the GPS History Block does not allow for querying data beyond what is exposed on device tags or through GPS telemetry data, and the telemetry data is only exposed through setting the dashboard’s “End” time and the duration on the block.

If you are exposing this dashboard to your end users through an Experience Dashboard, you might be able to accomplish this through the workflow engine. On request to an endpoint with a given trip ID (stored in your data table) or a given start and end time (queried from your table data), you could the trip’s end time to the dashboard element helper as the time argument. You can also pass the duration argument as (trip end time minus trip start time). Then, with the block configured to use the dashboard’s default duration and resolution, you could view the GPS points for just that trip.

This would require some testing of the edge cases; bear in mind that your GPS telemetry data is subject to your organization’s data TTL policy whereas the trip data stored in your data tables is not.

You are not the first Losant user to set up something exactly like this; I am going to file some feature requests around better ways of exposing this telemetry data in our GPS dashboard blocks to fit your use case. I don’t have any timelines on implementation, however.

Thanks for sharing your use case.