Polygon geofence


I am trying to implement a polygon geofence but can’t find documentation about how to implement the array of gps position.
Also, can it be hardcoded in the geofence block?


Hi Francois,

If your array of GPS coordinates is static then you could add to your “globals” and access them via the payload. The following shows a screen shot of how to set and access your globals via geofence.

Unfortunately right now we do not support hardcoding them on the node itself. We have plans to eventually add a polygon builder and when we do we will add the ability to hardcode the coordinates as well.

I hope that helps.

  • Erin

Hey Erin,
I setup my GPS polygon as following:

data.gps_zone_chargement=["49.486588, 0.184452","49.486233, 0.187102","49.478796, 0.187510","49.478075, 0.182545","49.480393, 0.180377"];

But it still gives me a Error calculating polygon enclosure.
What am I missing?


sorry the erros was in the gps data. no pb


Glad you were able to work it out Francois! Let me know if you have any other issues. I’m always happy to help! :smiley: