WorkFlow Alert based on Geo Fencing

One of our use cases is Geo fencing related. An alert would need to be configured if device location is outside the defined geo fence. Is there a way to define the perimeter and check against the same?

Hey @Nishit_Saurabh,

This can be accomplished using the Geofence Node in a workflow. Typically this workflow would be trigged by the device reporting GPS location to a device attribute, which triggers the Device: State Trigger.

The Geofence Node can handle both a circle or a polygon as the geofence. If your geofence is static, you might be able to hard code it directly in the node’s configuration. If the geofence is tied to a device, I recommend configuring the geofence values on a device tag. You can then use templates in the node configuration to pull the geofence values from the device tags.

The Geofence Node branches depending on whether the location is inside or outside the geofence. You can then use any number of additional nodes to implement your required alerting.

@Brandon_Cannaday Thanks I will try, will let u know if I get stuck