Gauge Enhancements

Greetings all -

I am considering deploying Losant in an application where I’d like to graphically represent the volume of a beverage keg. The existing ‘Tank’ gauge is close, but looks more like a test tube.

Any chance you could create a Tank gauge that looks like a barrel? Even a plain cylinder would do.

On a related note: Can the fill color be configurable? Different customers will have different beverages. The default pea-green is reminiscent of radioactive waste from the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. D’oh!


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Hi Steve,

This is a great feature request! But instead of just adding a barrel, I’m going to file a ticket to add the ability to create a custom gauge graphic. Hopefully, the tank gauge isn’t too bad that you can use that for now, until we get this feature out. I’ll post back once it’s live. Also, the fill color is configurable, and I’m glad to hear no beverages are made out of radioactive waste… or is that Mountain Dew?!

Hope that helps,

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That sounds great Erin. A customer gauge graphic is exactly what is needed!

OK - really looking forward to the gauge update! And thanks for the pointer on the configurable color…