Support for Tanks in dashboard blocks

I am loving my Losant journey and experience (pun intended), I have one feature request, maybe it is already in the works.
Are there any plans to add tanks to the current list of dashboard blocks? it would be nice to be able to display the level of liquid in a tank, based on the tank type (Horizontal/Vertical Cylinder, rectangular, silo, etc). With a few parameters, one could render something that looks like the image.

I saw a similar request from a few years back, I wonder if it is still under consideration.




Hey @benjamin_mukoro,

We love hearing that you’re enjoying Losant!

Is there something our Tank Guage Block Type is missing that you’d like to see?

You can also use the Custom HTML Block and use a custom charting library to do something similar as well. Here’s an example that was discussed just a bit ago with AnyCharts.


The existing Tank Gauge Black Type is perfect as a simple vertical tank gauge (0-100%), especially if you have a value you want to represent…but when you are dealing with rectangular or horizontal cylinder tanks and an ultra sonic level sensor, you have to derive volume based on the dimension of the tank. the existing Tank gauge I don’t think allows you to extend it.

Hey it’s just a wish…I will take a look at AnyCharts and see if I can figure something out, maybe that is the way to go.

Thanks for the response, my Losant journey continues…



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