Dark Mode .... in the spirit of Mojave

Please consider making Dark Mode your default for dashboards.

I walked into a customers office yesterday to see them fixated on their Losant Dashboard. A wonderful thing. Except that they were looking at it in Light mode and it was … errrr…aaaa…so yesterday.

Interestingly I would advocate against dark mode as the default.

We have operators running a plant 24 hours a day and using Losant dashboards amongst other tools (2 x desktops with 4 23" monitors in 2x2 grid each) to help monitor ~25 large electric pumps, hopper level, 8 flow meters, density meter, suction / discharge pressures and bearing temps on all the pumps and the like and I got them look at dark mode only yesterday and the response was overwhelmingly against it.

Just my 2c worth :wink: