FTP:get slash FileZilla server

Hi everyone,
I am trying to get data from the Filezilla server(Windows Machine) to Losnat using FTP: GET, but it doesn’t work out for me until the end. I am getting 550 File not found.

From the Filezilla server, I obtain the same error but also is it shows me another thing that the path which I am trying to retrieve is wrong,
My question is, how can I escape this slash? I am unable to find any solution in your forum or lesson.

Filezilla Server path

Losant path

Hi @Denis_Moscalu, and welcome to the Losant Forums!

My experience with Windows is limited but, what happens if you put just “/” in the directory template? That would indicate that the file can be found at the root of the server.

Please let us know if that works and again, welcome to Losant!

Yes, but why is it working? can you explain? thanks

Probably the username and password you are using to connect only has access to the “FTP” root directory on that drive, so that is why that folder is treated as the root. Plus, the FTP client Losant uses to back these nodes is automatically translating any Windows-style paths (\) to Linux-style (/).