Flow ID: Show Column & Enable Search in Workflow Browser

Some of my edge workflows apply to specific make/model devices. The most explicit way I can assign a workflow to a given device is to supply the Flow ID in the tags for that device. I would then use the deployments API to deploy the edge workflow by ID to the Edge Compute based on the Peripherals assigned to it. But the columns in the workflow browser don’t show Flow ID, nor can you search by Flow ID. The only way I can get that ID is to open the workflow and inspect a payload / button trigger, or to query it via the API. If you brought the Flow ID into the columns it would be much easier to determine ID. Even better is to also enable search for the ID. You might go a step further and enable reconfigurable columns (ala the devices menu) and maybe even workflow tags! But as a short step, it would be immensely helpful to just provide an ID column and searchability.

Hey Fred,

I can certainly get this feature request in for you and keep you updated as I learn more about it.

Thank you,