File upload overwrite broken

Hi there,
I just noticed if I have an existing file and then I upload a new version.
The new version is never overwritten e.g. I get the old version.
I tried even to delete first and then upload.
Same problem.
It’s driving me mad, it took me a hour to figure out the issue.

I’ve run into this, too and the issue is the original file is still cached on the CDN. It usually takes about five minutes for a file at a given path to start returning a new file at the same path.

One thing you can do to “bust” the cache is to add a query parameter to the end of the file. For example, if the file is at, add ?something=random to the end of that. You should then see the newly uploaded file.

You should not do this in your production application experience, as this will slow down delivery of your assets (they will not be returned from cache either in your users’ web browsers or from the CDN).

Thanks very much for the tip, yes I just need it during testing.
I would never figured that out by myself!