How to rename the file while uploading from experience in workflow?


I want to rename the file name when the user is uploading any file from the file-upload component on the experience page… I need to add deviceId.png as the name for the file they upload…

Hi @Chandu_Poloju,

The File Upload component from our Template Library saves files to your Losant Application Files, so you can go in and manually change the name of the file if you wish.

An option you do have, also, is to add another input to the form that the component comes with to allow your users to input the name of the file. You would also have to add some JavaScript that is associated with the component to also reflect this information.

Let me know if this answers your question.

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Hi @Heath , thanks you for your reply… Yeah i got that…

And can we resize the image automatically to less than 250kb in workflow when user uploaded from experience, if yes can you please share reference for that…


Hi @Chandu_Poloju,

Resizing an image with a workflow is not possible currently.

You can, however, do this before uploading the image. If you are using the File Upload component that we previously discussed, you can include some additional JavaScript to resize the image before it is sent to the Application File storage.

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Thanks @Heath. I will look into it

I have query with dropdown select…
im trying to get devices into dropdown with this

but in return its giving me empty value only for devices…


Its working in tryhandlebars.js but not here

Hello @Chandu_Poloju,

We also have our own Template Tester that allows you to use our own flavor of handlebars to help you develop in Losant.

In regards to your question, would you be able to share the context that is associated with this experience page? It looks like the options for the select are getting created, but there is no text. Could the payload path that you are referencing in your option tag be incorrect?

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Payload path is correct, please have look…


Hi @Chandu_Poloju,

A workflow payload is not the same as an Experience Page context. Would you be able to share the configuration you are using for your endpoint reply node in the workflow that is generating this array of myDevices?

I would also highly recommend that you check out our Advanced Templating Deeper Dive Webinar. This webinar covers a lot, but specifically how Workflow Payloads/Context is different from Experience Page Context, and how to return data from a workflow to the Experience Page context.

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