Fetch the required composite states based on endpoint query parameters

Hi Losant Team,

I had tried different ways to get the composite states data based on endpoint query. I don’t know how to add coming query data into selected attributes of device Get. please see the screenshot for more information. I want to get device attributes(composite states) based on endpoint query parameters. In this case I want to pass tiltx, tilty and tiltz values to Get device selected attributes.

Hi @Krishnaiah_Indyala,

This is not currently something that is possible in Losant. I will follow up with our engineering team to work our a feature request and keep you updated on its development.

You can, alternatively, return all attributes for the device that you are querying and reply only with the data that you want to reply with.

Thank you,

Thanks @Heath . now I will follow the alternative solution, please inform to me after implementation done from your end.