Event List can't filter items with [ and probably ] in the heading


It appears that Events with “[” “]” in the Subject won’t match any filter


and when I try to filter with some simple we get

Tim, so I dug in, and we don’t actually have any issues when matching events with [ or ] characters in their subjects. Where we discovered we do have issues, though, is matching against events with newlines (\n) in their subjects - and your events above have a bunch of newline chars. Are you intentionally adding newline characters into your event subject, or is this by accident?

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Hi Michael…

This is by accident ( think) I am passing through multiple alarm text from from a controller and parsing as Json. Will revisit what is going on here.

I have re-encoded the json payload and got rid of any possible new line characters.

It was a bit odd, there was no real way of working out the problem.

Thanks for you help



I figured it was probably accidental, but I wanted to make sure. Because of this issue you brought to light we are planning to start automatically stripping those types of characters from things like the event subject, and so wanted to make sure you weren’t intentionally including them.

Thanks as always for the great bug reports!