Event level change

Once an even has been created, can the Level not be changed?

It would be nice to be able to do that just like for State.


Events were designed to be static. The idea is that you would close that event and raise a new one. However, after asking the team about it, I created this as a feature ticket for you. I’ll follow up if there is any movement.


Another great feature would be , when allowing events to be updated, to either have a field dedicated for links to, let’s say a maintenance manual, or allow a Tag value to contain a clickable link value.

While on the topic here, I noticed that when I am logged in as an experience user and select an event that allows updates, the section that says “Associated with Device” provides a link to https:///applications/app id/devices/device ID , but that is not a valid link.
What can I do about that?


Thanks for the feature requests. Keep them coming!

It looks like we’ve already identified that bug and it will be fixed here in the next release which comes out soon :slight_smile: