Dial gauge for positive and negative values


It would be nice if the Dial gauge could be used to display negative and positive values.
It’s possible to adjust the minimum and maximum value, but the dial alwas starts from the minimum value, which is weird if e.g. power values are to be displayed.
If you want to display a power value (Watts), the dial should start at 0 and based on a positive or negative value, indicate to that value on the left or right side.

This image below indicates what I mean.

Kind Regards,
Gwen Vanheusden

Hi @Gwen_Vanheusden !

You can certainly create a Gauge block that looks similar to the image you’ve described, with the minimum (negative) value on the left and a maximum positive value on the right. A simple example:

If I’m missing some context here, please let me know.

Hi Sebastian

Indeed you can create a dial with negative values.
But in your example the green part of the dial starts at -9 and goes up to -1.
I would like to start the green part from 0 to -1, like in the screenshot i posted.
That’s the logical way to display a dial for power values that can be positive and negative.
If the power value is 0, the dial shoud not be showing any deviation.

Let’s say you want to display a speed where forward is a positive value and backwards is negative.
If the vehicle is stationary (0 speed) in Losant the dial shows a colored part going from the most negative value till 0, which looks weird. The colored part of the dial should start from 0 going to the left or right, depending on a positive or negative value.

Kind Regards,
Gwen Vanheusden

This is currently not possible with the Gauge block, but I think it’s an interesting feature request. I’ve filed an internal ticket to see if this is something we can implement. If I have any updates, I’ll share them in this thread. Thanks for the suggestion, @Gwen_Vanheusden !