Design considerations

I have 8 machines (A,B e.t.c)) that I will equip with 2 data collection devices each (A1, A2).
Some of the data collected comes in as a mA value, but some are scaled.
Would this be a good reason to use a “system” relationship setup?
That way each of the A1,A2 devices data would be scaled through a workflow and posted to the A device.

These 8 machines are spread out on 4 different geographic locations(2 each), so the other path I was thinking was to make each Location a system, if that makes sense.
Can I child device report to 2 different parents, but different data? I’m guessing not.

Hi @Lars_Andersson,

Currently, a device can only report to only one parent, but Systems can have many child devices. However, I do believe a System would be ideal in your use case, as you can form a virtual representation of your physical environment. When you say “some are scaled,” are you referring to device attributes or raw data?


device attributes.When a 4-20mA value get scaled to, let’s say a pressure range of 0-500 psi
what would raw data be? bitvalues?

As far as system goes, I don’t see the need of aggregating data from the child devices, so would it be wrong to use the geographical location as a system where each have 2 machine children, and each of those machines has 2 device children with attributes