Default Hide Values Option for Charts

Is it possible to hide a value on a chart by default?
Thereby forcing the user to click on a value to add it to their chart if they choose:

Example — the Alarm thresholds here are always on when user visits:

I’d like to make him select the threshold to see it so that by default when he visits the page he just sees the vibration data:

Hi Leo,

I spoke with our engineers and was informed that there is not a direct way from the block configuration to keep a value toggled off. However, they did say that, if you are up to the challenge, you could use jQuery to target the toggle and fire a click event on the page load to deselect a value. This is not the easiest task, however, so I will create a feature request from this and let you know if it is implemented.


My boss pressed me to ask… seems like a later phase addition that is not necessary at the moment.
I don’t think I’m up to the task of learning JQuery (yet)… still getting my arms around vanilla JS. Thanks, Julia!

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