Data table Insert row in workflow

In a workflow, I have data in the payload. I am trying to add data into a data table. Column names in table are the same as in payload. I tried assigning column values with the data. My table is not getting updated. what is the reason?

Can you please provide a screenshot that shows your Data Table: Insert configuration. Please also provide a screenshot of the Debug Panel that shows the payload so we can see what your data looks like.

I get this error - InvalidJsonError Param dataTableRow template did not render to valid JSON
CreateDataTable node - has response in dataTable. Table is created OK
AddRows node has data in data1 payload. Table is not getting rows added

I would recommend using the Table: Insert Row node instead of the Losant API node to insert rows into a Data Table. It will be much easier to use.

I am now trying to use the Table: Insert Row node. I have now a valid data and tableId is stored in data payload. When I give {{data.tableId}} as the data table ID template and all values to be inserted into table being optional, rows are NOT getting added.


outside of the workflow, adding rows to data table works with the api. But, it does not somehow recognize the {{data.tableId}} given in he workflow (obtained from the data payload)

Is there some kind of a delay in creating the table although the id has been fetched?

Any help regarding this, please?

I did a small test in an attempt to reproduce the issue. I was able to successfully insert data into a newly created DataTable using a workflow. Here’s a screenshot of the payload and the configuration.

The first thing to check is that the tableId is on the payload at the correct location. The previous screenshot you provided doesn’t show enough of the payload to confirm whether or not data.tableId exists.