Data points popup too difficult to get

Lets say you have a large range of values on the Y Axis so that in order to have any clue what a certain data point on the timeline is you have to hover over it, and you have infrequent updates so that there are big interpolated lines between points, AND you have the dashboard fetching frequently (thus constantly shifting the point left from under your mouse pointer), its nearly impossible to keep hovered over a data point so you get the popup long enough to read it.

Why not just pop up the data window at all times and just show values for interpolated data between points with some kind of indicated to show its interpolated.

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Good feedback! I agree that the popup being removed when the graph is refetched is frustrating. There’s an open issue to resolve that already.

We’ll have to think about whether or not showing interpreted data is the right approach, but I do like just always showing the popup of the nearest actual data point.

Cool thanks @Brandon_Cannaday

I concur. It’s a great feature, just too hard to get it to happen, even with big dots and my mouse pointer tip is inside the circle. And to be clear: I’m not pushing for the interpolated data, just let pop-up happen more easily (but I might take the interpolated data as well, but I know this might be very tricky so interpolated is not a must-have).

Any timeline for easier mouse-over pop-ups?