Highlight selected datapoint

On a multiline linechart, when hovering over data points, you get the popup with attribute names.
It would be nice to highlight the attribute closest to data point you are hovering over, so you easier could tell which attribute you are looking at, without deselecting attributes from the legend.

Hi, just to confirm, you’re referring to the time series graph dashboard block? If so, we do color-code the contents of the popup to match with the colors of the different segments in the graph. (See attached.)

Are you not seeing this behavior? If you are but the association still isn’t clear, are you suggesting …

  • Adding the attribute name being graphed in the series name?
  • Highlighting the series name in the legend?
  • Something else?

Yes I’m referring to a graph like you are showing, but in my case I have 12 attributes in the same graph, so it’s hard to see the color variations.
Just highlighting the series you are pointing closest to with a diffent background color or Bold that stands out would work.

Understood; thanks for clarifying. I’ll log this as a feature request.