Dashboard name/desciption that doesn't show in dashboard

It would be nice to have a dashboard name field that does not show in the dashboard itself but that does show in the dashboard list. The reason is it’s possible to have variants of the same dashboard. We want to call them something different to differentiate them in the list but still show the same name to the user.

Also be nice to have a separate description field that could be used to add notes and comments. We often make changes and I’d like to add a change log to the description but obviously cant since that gets displayed to the user.

Looks like you can hide the dashboard name from experience views: Dashboard Names. [Edit] Actually that hides the entire header (from here: https://docs.losant.com/experiences/views/#dashboard-pages) so that’s not what I’m looking for.

Hey @Wesley_Manning

Thanks for reaching out about this! I agree that this would be a good addition to the platform. I am going to create a Feature Request with our engineering team and follow up should it be selected for development.

Thank you,